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Lawyers as Leaders [DEBORAH L. RHODE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No occupation in America supplies a greater proportion of.
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The acquisition question is an interesting one, given that most people come to law in their late twenties or early thirties, already encumbered with habits of thought and personal traits that may or may not be fertile ground for transformations. Are leaders made, not born?

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Can charisma be taught? In any event, Professor Rhode elsewhere is very much on the side of teaching, though in this book she limits herself on that question largely to an advocacy of mentoring. Her main project here is toward identifying the characteristics associated with successful leaders. While the findings of social science can often seem cold and lifeless on the page, Professor Rhode manages to present them vividly: in every paragraph, in nearly every sentence, she offers telling examples or memorable quotations coloring the portrait of the successful leader and the failed one, too.

From P. Wodehouse to Justice Thurgood Marshal, Erasmus of Rotterdam to Richard Nixon: reading Rhode is a rat-a-tat-tat of the mot juste, the perfect anecdote to be savored and saved for future use A task, it must be said, not made easy by Oxford University Press.

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With over end-notes, could not a few pages have been reserved for a standard bibliography? And must we really be resigned to the inevitability of several typographical misprints?

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From Oxford? Rhode lays out a catalogue of the virtues and vices of leadership, laden with a sometimes dizzying array of the antinomies inherent in describing such a many-faced phenomenon. They develop strategies of influence that stem from positions of power — but neglect the power of their followers at their peril. In a chapter discussing leadership in movements for social change, Rhode can explicitly recognize this. The goal of social change is, after all…social change.

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Here she can offer insightful history and critique of lawyers in leadership roles for the legally-framed social and political challenges to racial segregation and gay marriage. But a skeptic might note that lawyers are to be found on all sides of such challenges.

Lawyers as Leaders: The Essential Role of Legal Counsel in the Corporate Sustainability Agenda

John W. So what does all this have to do with work-a-day lawyers as lawyers?

Such failures are certainly to be found but so, too, is their inescapable context: the environment Rhode describes where money is the only glue holding a firm together, where self-interested behavior is richly rewarded and older values of collegial partnership given only passing lip service. For at least two of those goals she herself has long been a voice of reform: the provision of pro bono legal services and the elimination of barriers to racial and gender diversification of the legal profession.

The Nature of Leadership 3.

Lawyers As Leaders: Is Your Personality Too Legal? | Above the Law

Developing Leadership 4. Leadership Capabilities 5. Ethics in Leadership 6.

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Lawyers As Leaders: The Essential Role of Legal Counsel in the Corporate Environment Agenda

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