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Sustainable supply chains: a research-based textbook on operations and strategy. (Springer Series in Supply Chain Management; Vol. 4). New York: Springer.
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Published on Jul 14, SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! Embed Size px. They are part of the EU Plastics Strategy — the most comprehensive strategy in the world adopting a material-specific lifecycle approach with the vision and objectives to have all plastic packaging placed on the EU market as reusable or recyclable by Reduction of materials, we are already doing that.

It is simple because it directly impacts our cost price and therefore directly touches our bottom line. We might overlook this step, considering that it not a sustainability approach. But less is true. Did you look to introduce other processes as well?

A simple example. If you make plastic components you are likely using an injection molding process. Change it to 3D printing which uses only the material it needs when layer by layer is added and the plastic waste can be reused.

7 Steps – How to Make Your Sustainable Supply Chain?

And more important, 3D printing is using grids, and not solids forms. Another example is the After Eight chocolates. Is it really necessary to have all those layers of packaging? How easy can it be to eliminate one or two layers? But if we use materials, then we have to consider the impact, reuse and recycling possibilities of the materials. Another — more thinking out-of-the box — approach was used by Kenco Coffee in their eco packaging from already some years ago.

Nowadays we see the same approach with canned soups and other canned food. It reduces the overall mass of waste being sent to landfill compared to jars: this is because while the glass jar is recyclable, the jar lid is difficult to recycle it is made of polypropylene which is not widely recycled in the UK and so in most cases will be thrown away. The Eco Refill pack weighs less than the jar lid alone, so consumers who purchase the refills ultimately send less waste to landfill than those who recycle the glass jar but have to throw away the plastic lid of the glass jar.

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The Futurecraft Loop was designed using nothing but thermoplastic polyurethane TPU , a plastic material that dons the entire sneaker, including the tongue, laces, upper and the midsole with Boost cushioning technology. In , Adidas teamed up with Parley to make a shoe out of recycled ocean plastic, and in that partnership is expected to produce 11 million pairs. Sustainability can pay off in real money. Drop your bag of unwanted clothing in the recycling box at your local store. All textiles are welcome — any brand, any condition — even odd socks, worn-out T-shirts and old sheets.

An average person is using in 30GJ of primary energy per year, mainly in housing. To make a comparison, a cheese factory is using the equivalent of 7.

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When we want to change something and make our supply chain more sustainable, we cannot ignore the energy consumption of industrial processes. Therefore, the next step is to make use of:. One of the most promising short-term industrial electrification technologies is power-to-heat , the switch from gas- to electricity-based heat. As many industrial processes are driven by medium and high-temperature heat, changing its energy source to renewable power will immediately impact the industrial carbon footprint. Currently, two main approaches can be adopted for the use of green energy in the industrial sector:.

Next to the industry, the transportation sector is using a huge portion of the energy in the world. That is one of the — economic driven — reasons why they focus heavily on energy reduction. Of course, the other trigger is the regulatory pressure of emission reduction. Its real-time tracking system allows it to avoid delays, maximize cargo space, and optimize ship speeds for fuel-efficiency.

Sustainable Supply Chains (E-Book, PDF)

Far too often, green products are defined by individual characteristics such as Volatile Organic Compounds VOC levels or recyclability. Consider how far a product must travel between its point of origin, the manufacturing site, and your manufacturing or distribution site. Each step of the journey burns transportation fuel. In the fast-food industry, glocalization is becoming a unique selling point.

Chipotle has shown that fast-food chains can steer a greener course when they put their minds to it. The company has put solar panels on restaurants, uses low VOC paints and energy-efficient lights, and paper products made from unbleached paper. One of the key step is develop sustainable Increasing the durability or lifetime of products will not be the first reason how organizations thinking of contributing to sustainability goals.

50 Million Nanostores: Researching mom and pops in emerging economies

The longer the product life, the more products I need to sell, is the basic thought. But when we move from a product-oriented economy towards a service-oriented economy, this will open new opportunities. A longer lifetime for products should, however, not be treated as synonymous with the ability to retain the value of the materials used in a product, which can be seen as a definition of a circular economy.

Especially in the second element the new opportunities can be found.

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Prolonging the use of products that still work is the best way to combat the linear economy and promote savings. By providing services, the business model can become a sustainable supply chain, even when you might sell less new products. But even that statement can be doubtful, as you may attract new buyers. Some examples of current business model which are exploiting this approach:.

He took data intelligence as the core concept, and carried out extensive cooperation with all walks of industry and research to help with company's digital remodeling and smart application breakthroughs. He was a professor in Tianjin University. The system now operates in more than 20 units of the gas company and achieves good results.

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Yang hosted and participated in more than 30 projects, including the national hydropower Ertan hydropower station IT project planning and Hampoo company ERP project implementation. In , he designed the "ERP sandbox simulation" curriculum and teaching aid tool, which won the special award of President of Yonyou. Please contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions. More panelist are coming soon